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Tradition Brut Blanc de Noirs - 75 cl

Tradition Brut Blanc de Noirs


Grape Variety : 100% Pinot Noir

A harmonious and personalized assemblage, wine coming from several years. Our Champagne Brut is dosed by wine -grower in cellar's secret. His strong golden is token from 100% Pinot Noir. On the palate, he provides us note of howthorn, fresh fruit and rich.

A perfect match for an aperitif as well as a meal.

Champagne Tradition Brut medal in 75 cl 

Gold Medal  Mondial Concours of Féminalise 2018 

Silver Medal Mondial Concours of Bruxelles 2018

Silver Medal  Concours Général Agricole of Paris 2017 

Silver Medal Vinalies Internationales 2017


14,90 € TTC
Tradition Semi-Dry - 75 cl

Tradition Semi-Dry


Grape Variety : 100% Pinot Noir

Coming from wines different years, our Champgane semi-dry is dosed by wine grower in secrecy cellar.  This Champagne is different by of note more sugary. Served well fresh, he'll deliver its aroma and sparkling. He'll pleasure all lover sweetness by its roundness and maturity.

Smooth on the palate, it will be perfect to conclude meal with a dessert. 


14,90 € TTC
VINTAGE Fer d'Or - 75 cl



Grape Variety : 100% Pinot Noir

His particuliarity is its added liquor at the moment of disgorging. It is vinified by the wine-grower in the secrecy of his cellar.

Transport with its bright golden color, a frank and elegant aroma.

On the palate notes of fresh fruit, you will seduce as well as an aperitif, with a Caparccio of St Jacques or white meat.


15,50 € TTC
Brut Rosé - 75 cl

Brut Rosé


Grape Variety : 100% Pinot Noir

This Champagne Rosé de Saignée is vinified by maceration. He is sought for its fine, fruity and intense bouquet. His long persistence will keep on the palate a delicious perfum  of cherry and red fruits.

Ideal as an aperitif, chocolate or red fruit dessert.

Guide Hachette des vins 2018 : 1 star


Gold Medal Concours Général Agricole Paris 2018

Silver Medal au Concours Mondial du Rosé  2017

Grand Gold Medal au concours de Bruxelles 2017


17,00 € TTC
VINTAGE Réserve - 75 cl



Grapes Variety : 60% Pinot Noir et 40% Chardonnay

It's a tenacious Champagne with golden reflection. Cuvee Réserve is a balanced subtle  with wine from same name. His long ageing in the cellar allow it to strengthen its maturity and intensity. This Champagne noble and presitgious.

Ideal for all your aperitifs, seafood, fish and white meat.


Gold Medal au Concours Général Agricole de Paris 2017 

Silver Medal au Concours Général Agricole de Paris 2019


18,00 € TTC
VINTAGE Brut Nature - 75 cl

VINTAGE Brut Nature

Brut nature

Grapes Variety : 60% Pinot Noir et 40% Chardonnay

Zero dosage

Its complex assemblage brings a lot of elegance and shows aroma of white fruits and mature. On the palate is rich, intense and long persistence on flavor emphasize citruse. Zero dosage give him a purity, a ideal partner with remarkable gastronomics accords.

Ideal as an aperitif as well as shellfish, the Champagne Brut Nature will be vibrate your taste buds.




18,50 € TTC
Vintage St Vincent Blanc de Blancs Prestige - 75 cl

Vintage St Vincent Blanc de Blancs Prestige


Grape Variety: 100% Chardonnay 

4 years ageing in cellar, prestigious and endowed with a great strength aromatic. The nose is intensely fruity, with hints of white flowers, fleshy fruit (peach), fresh fruit as well as subtly aroma howthorn and eglantine. On the palate, subtle and elegant attack, slightly mineral and long persistence for dense and rich final. 


Gold Medal au Concour Mondial des Féminalise 2018

Silver Medal aux Vinalies Internationales 2017


19,00 € TTC
VINTAGE 2010 or 2011 - 75 cl

VINTAGE 2010 or 2011


Grape variety : 70% Pinot Noir et 30 % Chardonnay

5 to 7 years ageing on the lees, he achieves a great maturity. Thanks to selection most remarkable wine exceptional year. He characterize by of expressif and complex aroma. Dense and golden colour, then structure body and subtle howtorn note and baked apple.

He 'll accompanie you throughout your aperitif, white meat, filet mignon and capon.



22,00 € TTC
Vintage Foie Gras and Dessert - 75 cl

Vintage Foie Gras and Dessert


Grapes Variety : 60% Pinot Noir et 40% Chardonnay

Coming from our Champagne Réserve, its particularity is harmonious, dense and expressif champagne with golden reflection is dosed 55gr/L.

Harmonious and rich, it brings you  slightly white flower note accompanied by long persistence at the end on the palate.

Hence his name, to taste with Foie Gras,  chocolate or fruit Dessert. Ideal for you feast.



27,00 € TTC
Vin Rosé des Riceys - 75 cl

Vin Rosé des Riceys


Grape Variety : 100% Pinot Noir

Appellation Rosé des Riceys

This wine exceptional of maceration give him a nice rosé strong colour. We produce it on several vineyar plot classed Rosé des Riceys. This are sloping south facing slope, they give us their richness. The grape is sorted manually on a sorting table at the moment harvest. Then begin the maceration, that short vinification is orverseed day and night, hour to hour in order to determinate ideal moment where are born famous "Goût Rosé des Riceys". 

The wine grower decides of ideal moment of carify , that' means we must go out grape of tank and low press it.

He will taste to a temperature  between 10°C and 12°C. It's a wine become strong in ageing and keep all his freshness.

Its cherry and red fruit aroma, you seduce on a texture rich and strong. Perfect match with a fish or red meat and cheese ( Chaource)

Gold Medal au Concours Général Agricole de Paris 2015 for our Vin Rosé des Riceys Millésime 2012.



14,50 € TTC
Coteaux Champenois Rouge - 75 cl

Coteaux Champenois Rouge


Grape Variety : 100% Pinot Noir

Appellation Coteaux Champenois

We stay same vinification of Rosé des Riceys, that's means sort manuelly. Maceration last between in 10 to 12 days. This wine is placed in barrel in cellar.

The nose reveal aroma of red fruit by his colour intense which we bring on aroma of fruity and expressif in the palate.

Appropriate at meal meat or cheese and cooked meats.



12,50 € TTC


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